Kiziltepe (previously known as Tell Ermen) is one of the provinces of Mardin. The population of the city center is 198.672 in 2008. Being 21.000 in 1973, the population rose up to 60.134 in 1990, 113.143 in 2000 and 127.148 in 2007. 

The current population of the province is 131.050 in the center, 82.251 in the villages; 213.101 in total. 

It’s founded in the Artuqid period with the name Düneysir or Dunyasr in ancient eras. It gained importance as a stopover place of the trade road connecting Urfa and Diyarbakir to Mosul. In the 13th century,it was looted by the Ayyubids; later on reined by Seljuk, lhanl, Memluk, Akkoyunlu and Timur Empires. Mitani and Bizmans also ruled in the area. 

The name Dunyasr was changed into Koçhisar in later periods. The reign passed through the hands of Akkoyun and Karakoyun states. The Safevi Empire dominated this area in the 15th century. Yavuz Sultan Selim conquered the area in 1517 during his Egypt expedition. 

Being one of the important cities of Artuqids, Kzltepe was looted and in a constant state of war that all richness that Artuqids had provided with souks, khans, bath, mosques and madrasahs had been ruined by the time Ottomans occupied. 

Ulu Mosque, Tarassut Tower, Shahkulubey Cupola and Harzem Ruins are the historic buildings from the Artuqid period that still stand today.

Date: 2015-12-13
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