Regaip Kandili Mesaj

Regaip Qandil Message

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.Our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mahmut DÜNDAR, who published a message on the occasion of the beginning of the  three months Regaip Qandili, wished that this beautiful and meaningful day would be instrumental in strengthening the feelings of love and brotherhood between the Islamic world and all people.

President DÜNDAR told these expression in his message.

“We are delighted to have access to the blessed Regaip Qandil, which is one of the special nights that is an occasion for Decoupling and brotherhood among members of the Islamic religion and reminds us that we should question ourselves.
Tonight is a good opportunity to think about the meaning and wisdom of being free from all kinds of feelings of hatred, hatred and revenge in order to bring our hearts to peace, and to enlighten our hearts with the light of faith, knowledge, wisdom and truth.
We wish to be able to evaluate this with feelings of unity and brotherhood.
With these feelings and thoughts, I celebrate the Regaip Qandil of the Islamic world and wish it to be an occasion for good for all humanity.

Date: 2024-01-11
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